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Sometimes you have to downsize, for one reason or another, to a kitchen with less storage and space. Once in your newer, smaller kitchen you realize that you shouldn’t look at another Williams-Sonoma catalog and get sucked in by all of the pretty seasonal gadgets, because you can cook just about anything with a basic set of tools.

Kitchens come in sizes big and small and often, kitchen size doesn’t always correlate with how large or small the rest of the house is. Here are some of the most important elements that every kitchen needs to keep organized and functional.

Choose a few key appliances: Sometimes sacrifices need to be made, and being selective about your small electric appliances is a necessity. Think about those that you use most often and those that are the biggest time savers, and prioritize them. For me it is the espresso machine. food processor, and hand mixer that made the cut, although sometimes I regret giving up a toaster.

Edit your glassware and dishes: 
The more mismatched your dishes and glassware are, the more space that they will take up. Matching dishes and glassware have more stacking ability, which will maximize your storage. A basic set of white dishes might sound dull, but they can be dressed up for parties with the right tabletop decor and gorgeous food, which should always be the highlight of a table.

Invest in a few space-saving pieces: Modern technology has enabled companies like Joseph Joseph to design clever, multi-tasking kitchenware that is made for those with limited space, like this folding box grater. Nesting bowls are a must when downsizing on space, and several companies make them in various materials from stainless steel to melamine.

Add some wall hung storage: When all of the editing is complete and you are still short on storage space, take a look around your kitchen. If you have any open walls you can take advantage of the open shelving trend and add some stylish storage. Even if your open wall is very small, IKEA makes some great wall brackets for hanging kitchen utensils, which will clear up space in your kitchen drawers.

(Images: 1. Charley and Jessica’s ‘Patina Clean’, 2. Kitchenaid, 3. CB2, 4. Joseph Joseph, 5. Better Homes and Gardens)

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