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by Mr. Kate
I often get questions from people on how to decorate a rental if you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, etc. You can see a video tour of my DIY-decorated rental apartment here. I recommend you find out exactly what the rules are of your rental agreement before you totally write off painting your walls. Often times the landlord is required to re-paint the walls when you move because of normal ‘wear and tear’. Thus, if you paint the walls in a light enough shade that can still be covered up with their generic white, it shouldn’t be an issue. Know your renter’s rights!

But in lieu of paint or poking holes in the wall to hang pictures, one of my favorite things to use are vinyl wall decals! They are removable and wall-friendly and many of them can be re-stuck, so you can get more that one use out of them. There are tons of styles available from objects like trees and birds to abstract ones like geometric designs, etc. Here are some fun ones I

found online…

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